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Here are some examples of my hair styles.       
Sew-In wit Inv.Part
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Basketweave & Sew-In
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Updos Style Page
Sew-In Styles Page
Knot Twist
Basketweave Updo
Cornrow Updo $100up
Individuals Pin-Up Page
Individuals Pin-Up Page
Micros Pin-Up $20up
Men Cornrows
Sew-in & Flat Twist  $100up
Basketweave Swoop
FlatTwist Styles Page
Swoop Cornrows
Flat Twist Page
Micro Frt_Back Sew-In
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Double Swoop
Natural Style
Natural Style
Natural Style
Flat Twist
Flat Twist & Ponytail
Flat Twist
Swoop Cornrows Hanging
Basic Cornrows
Close Cornrows Updo
Cornrows Updo
Various Styles
Seneglese Updo
Micros Underbraided
Senegalese Updo 
Micros Underbraid
A+ Cornrows Styles by Kennycoo located @ Princess Cuts  2302-A Nash St. NW ® Wilson, NC 27893